ClogBusters Underground Technologies is proud to introduce it’s newest member; the most powerful Jet/Vacuum Truck in all of New England. The truck is designed to handle the toughest cleanup jobs at a highly excelled rate. This combination truck allows for the vacuuming of debris from any underground piping such as storm lines and sewer lines. The hydro jet is on hand to pump 100 gallons per minute. The truck is equipped with a 14 yard stainless steel debris tank with a deflector plate at the point of entry, which filters out the bulk of material vacuumed.


This unique truck has the capacity to hold 1500 gallons of water for jetting. The 28” Vacuum Loader will clean up aggregates, powders, liquids, slurries—any material that will flow through a hose. With long reach up to 2,000 feet and beyond, and with powerful suction of up to 28” of mercury suction up to 28” of mercury, ClogBusters vacuum systems clean out deep pits, catch basins, dust collectors, catwalks, hold conveyors, ducts, elevators, and other hard to reach areas. ClogBusters can get jobs done in hours instead of days, and will not stir up any dust. Labor downtime costs can be cut by choosing a Hi-Vac industrial vacuum system. If it is a 4 Hour or a 4 month job, ClogMasters will get it done right the first time. Combine that with ClogBusters Underground Technologies legendary professionalism and "Urgent Service," and you have the ultimate in large system cleaning and flushing



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