For Small Pipes 1 1/2" to 6"

Mini Color SeeSnake with Color Monitor+VCR

ClogBusters’ high performance color camera/transmitter system allows for visual inspection of smaller diameter lines. The same high quality video technology available in ClogBusters’ Snake makes dependable examination of 1 1/2" to 6" lines. It is built with the same high quality components and superior design that make the ClogBusters’ Snake the toughest, most dependable pipe inspection camera available. 


  1. Small camera head maneuvers through multiple 11/2" 90°bends and 3" P-Traps.

  2. Hardened stainless steel and sapphire crystal lens port protect camera head.

  3. 30 fully adjustable white LEDs give proper illumination in each application.

  4. Color monitor+VCR includes 10" high-resolution color monitor, separate commercial grade VCR, and “hands-free” audio recording.

  5. Individually factory tested and guaranteed waterproof.

  6. Can be used with all ClogBusters line locating equipment.

  7. This product has earned the UL Listing Mark and the UL Listing Mark for the United States and Canada.

For Large Pipes 6" and Greater

ClogBusters remote video inspection services uses all new state of the art camera equipment for total view of any sewer, water or storm drain pipe without digging or entering private property. It’s unique pan & tilt feature allows up and down as well as side to side viewing of the pipe. It pans 275 degrees and tilts 360 degrees. When a major problem is suspected, remote video inspection is used to determine what the problem is and where it is located. . Open joints, cracks, and infiltration can all be seen with this amazing camera In this process, a color camera is inserted into the pipe and directed to the problem area. By doing this, a picture of the problem is visible and is recorded for later reference. Radio locating equipment may then be used to determine the exact location of the problem area. With the trucks inspection and rehabilitation system, we are able to inspect a pipe with a minimum size of 6”. They can see behind, under, over, between and inside equipment and structures; look into service connections, pipes, holes, wells, walls, chimneys and tanks.


Remote Inspection

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